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Find spots near Rochester who have made it their mission to stock great nonalcoholic options

Certain stores are stockpiling nonalcoholic products and helping to increase local accessibility for great non-alc options. There are now beer stores, super markets, and even pop-ups who are raising awareness for the sober drinking movement and selling great options.

Still though, finding great alternatives to drinking isn’t exactly easy. Some supermarkets aren’t on board, liquor stores in New York are legally limited on what non-alcoholic products they can carry, and some businesses just aren’t interested. While the options available to people wanting craft nonalcoholic beverages has increased in recent years, it’s still not exactly common.

Regardless of why you’re seeking alcohol-free options, you deserve to be able to find them easily! This list will help you find places in the Rochester area with a good selection of NA beers, zeroproof spirits, sodas, or just fun beverages.

Where to Buy Non-Alcoholic Beer

AJ’s Beer Warehouse – Henrietta

When AJ’s first opened in 2013 they were carrying some interesting craft sodas and a couple NA beers. In the last few years though their dedication to NA options has obscenely expanded! They currently have five full cooler doors of nonalcoholic beers from local brewers, domestic, and international brands.

Most are available in four/six-packs and cases, but they also sell most of their options as singles. This is a fantastic way to sample things before you commit to buying too much and find out you don’t love it. If you’re looking to explore new nonalcoholic beer options, AJ’s Beer Warehouse is a great place to stop.

Beers Of The World – Henrietta

This old Wegmans building in Henrietta has been transformed into one of the most impressive beer selections in Monroe County. The family behind this store started out in Batavia in the early ’80’s and brought their knowledge here to Rochester a few years later. They sell beers from all over the globe, home brewing supplies and some glassware and random other stuff.

They also have a tremendous non-alcoholic selection taking up two full aisles near the front of the store. What’s especially cool here is that you can buy cases, or singles. If you’ve ever wanted to try a new brew and didn’t want to spring for a full case until you tried it, checkout their single can/bottle options.

Beers of the World in Henrietta

Steamers Marathon – Bushnell’s Basin

This gas station/convenience store located in Bushnell’s Basin looks at first to be an average convenience store. Upon closer inspection though you’ll see these guys take their stock seriously, especially beer. In fact, they have an entire Instagram account solely dedicated to their beer selection.

In addition, they have an entire cooler door dedicated to nonalcoholic beers–which is impressive for a convenience store like this. Adding to that though is the fact that they carry near beers you can’t find elsewhere in the area. They change it up a bit so instead of listing their current options, it’s recommended that you just pop in to see what they’ve got. It’s the cooler door closest to the cashier’s counter.

Wegmans – Various Locations

Somewhere around 2021, the non-alc options at Wegmans started vastly improving. They started with stocking a lot of Athletic Brewing and have since begun to feature a ton more brands. You can find Clausthaler, Corona, Bravus, and a whole bunch more available in cases. Most Wegmans locations will have similar options, but each one does seem to have slightly different availability with brands.