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Find great nonalcoholic options around Seneca Lake

Seneca Lake is the largest of all the Finger Lakes and even the deepest glacial lake within New York State. Because of its size, the lake creates its own unique macroclimate, which provides great conditions for a vineyard. As a result of the climate and the size, there is a seemingly endless of things to explore around the lake.

The north end of the lake is capped by the city of Geneva. With Hobart and William Smith College and the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station both in Geneva, the small city has a bit of a college-town feel in certain months. The row houses on Route 14 are usually thought to be some of the most picturesque residences in the region.

At the south end is Watkins Glen–a small village with a namesake New York State Park. The village is home to a stock car racing track which brings fans from all over. You can find boating opportunities, apparel stores, artisan shops, and plenty to keep you busy walking around for a weekend.

On each side of the lake in between, there are dozens of wineries and breweries, cheese makers, farm-to-table eateries, and tons more.

Seneca Lake Nonalcoholic Trail

This is a list of producers of craft nonalcoholic options around Seneca Lake. Other wineries and breweries and restaurants not listed here often will have options, but the folks listed here are the ones making them. In many cases, you can even find items on this list being offered at other stops in the area.

Fulkerson Winery

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Fulkerson Winery has roots in the local winemaking industry that grow deep through generations. They’ve earned an incredible respect from locals and wine experts afar. With their own vineyards out behind the tasting room, Fulkerson has created an entirely vine-t0-glass wine experience on par with some of the best wineries in the country.

In recent years, they’ve started to process and pasteurize grape juices with unique varietals like Riesling and Catawba. Their grape juice line is not only unique in its scope but also really tasty. You can drink on site or by bottles to go.

Grape Juices on Display at Fulkerson Winery

Grist Iron Brewing Company

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Grist Iron opened in 2015 and quickly set their sites on developing a long list of great beers. They’ve developed a gorgeous site to visit with a large taproom, full service kitchen, gift shop, lodging, and a huge patio that faces west over Seneca Lake.

In the summer of 2023, they developed a new product, and became the first in the Finger Lakes to create a hop water. Their Race Ready Refresher N.A. is a sparkling canned water infused with a delicate balance of hops. The result is a refreshing cold can of hop water that is unlike anything you can find made in the Finger Lakes.

Three Brothers Winery

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Three Brothers Winery in Geneva sits back off the eastern shore of the lake. As one of the favorite destinations for wine tasting in the Finger Lakes, they have multiple tasting rooms, a cafe, and brewery. Each tasting room features a slightly different ambiance and menu, but the entire compound is a curated experience that’s pretty unique for the region.

Between their three wineries and brewery, they have a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Luckily, they also produce their own line of craft sodas under the name Iron Heart. They started the sodas back in 2015 with just a root beer and orange cream, but they’ve since added a black cherry, lemon lime and a Shirley Temple flavor.

All their sodas are available to purchase in cans in their store, or enjoy on site.

Wagner Valley Brewing Co.

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With possibly one of the best sunset views on Seneca Lake, Wagner Valley Brewing Co has been raising the standard for Finger Lakes beer since their founding in 1997. Their tasting room has gorgeous big windows looking out to the lake, and a full view of their on-site brewing production. They offer beer flights for those wanting to try a few things.

They also brew their own root beer on site, available by the glass during your visit or by the growler to take home.

Root Beer at Wagner Valley Brewing Co

Wagner Estate Vineyards

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Wagner was founded in 1979 and was the first winery to exist on the east side of Seneca Lake. They produce over thirty different wines all with grapes grown in their own vineyard. Flights and tastings are available in their cozy tasting room, or bottles can be purchased in their shop onsite.

Wagner also produces a blush grape juice from a cold-pressed blend of their own grapes. You can enjoy a glass on site or grab a bottle to take home.

Blush Grape Juice at Wagner Estates Winery

Things To Do Nearby

Deer Haven Park on the east side of Seneca Lake is one of the most unique natural attractions in the state. Due to the land being a former army base, the protections surrounding the property allowed a unique white deer population to go unharmed and to flourish. Today you can take private tours and see the white deer roaming the property.

Watkins Glen State Park is probably one of the most popular parks in Upstate New York. The natural gullies and valleys carved through the rocks here by Glen Creek are some of the most picturesque walking trails you can see in this area. Waterfalls and towering forests make for a natural setting that can’t be missed.

Fun Facts From Around Seneca Lake

  • The world’s largest collection of apple species lays on a 50 acre plot of land right in Geneva.
  • Seneca is the largest of all the Finger Lakes, which by itself holds just over 50 percent of all the lake water in the Finger Lakes Region.
  • The first car road race to occur after World War II was on the streets of Watkins Glen. The success of that race helped establish a permanent course which is now one of the premiere road race tracks in the United States.

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