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Find great nonalcoholic options around Cayuga Lake

Coming in at just under 39 miles in length, Cayuga Lake is the longest of the eleven Finger Lakes. With over 95 miles of shoreline, there is ton of ways to experience this lake. You’ve got plenty of culinary arts, important history, arts, and ecological importance. 

At the north end is Seneca Falls, possibly the most famous of all the spots in the Finger Lakes. It was here that the very first Woman’s Rights Convention was held on July 19, 1848. This quaint little street is also said to be the inspiration for Bedford Falls, the small town where the film It’s A Wonderful Life is set.

Almost 45 minutes to the south sits the city of Ithaca. This little city serves as the northeastern home of the Dalai Lama, housing an Ivy League university, and a ton of waterfalls. The now-famous tagline of “Ithaca Is Gorges” illustrates the small city’s backdrop of tumbling waterfalls every couple miles.

Whether you’re into history, fine arts, local cuisine, or hiking and outdoor activities, Cayuga Lake has got you covered. Luckily, they’ve also got some really cool nonalcoholic options!

Cayuga Lake Nonalcoholic Trail

This is a list of producers of craft nonalcoholic options around Seneca Lake. Other wineries and breweries and restaurants not listed here often will have options, but the folks listed here are the ones making them. In many cases, you can even find items on this list being offered at other stops in the area.

Finger Lakes Cider House

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In 2015 the west side of Cayuga Lake was given the gift of a small cider operation in the town of Interlaken. The team behind Good Life Farms and Finger Lakes Cider House have been dedicated to producing not only great products, but to creating an experience for those visiting. Their mission isn’t just to produce excellent hard ciders, but to do it in a way that is sustainable and ecologically responsible.

While their hard ciders are one of their main attractions, they also produce a few unique nonalcoholic options. They have a Ginger Bear (their version of a ginger beer), a Switchel (similar to a ginger beer but slightly sweeter and vinegary) and a few shrubs (also vinegar based with fruit flavors). You can enjoy a glass of any one of those on site, or grab bottles to go.

Finger Lakes Cider House Drinks

Fleur De Lis Brew Works

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It was 2016 when two brothers came together with the idea that they wanted a brewery of their own. With the assistance of their respective wives, the Partee team managed to open just sixteen months later. Since then, the stately grounds just a few miles south of Seneca Falls has become a destination for Finger Lakes beer fans.

Right from the beginning, Fleur De Lis has made their own root beer in house. It’s available by the pint glass on site on tap, or 4-packs of 12 oz cans filled from the tap right while you watch.

Fleur De Lis Brewworks Root Beer Finger Lakes

Ithaca Beer Company

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This brewery sits on some farmlands just minutes from multiple state parks, and its landscape almost feels like a park of its own. They’ve got a great full service food menu with a long list of their own brews on tap.

They also brew their own root beer and ginger beer which is available on tap or in bottles to go.

Ithaca Beer Company Ginger Beer and Root Beer

Swedish Hill Winery

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The legacy of Swedish Hill goes all the way back to 1969 when the Peterson family began as a simple vineyard. Later in 1986 they opened the winery and in the decades since the small, family-owned operation has become a staple of the Finger Lakes wine industry. Their tasting room in Romulus offers an opportunity to taste their long line of wines, sparkling wines, and grape juices!

They produce both a red grape juice using Concord and a white grape juice using Diamond. Each one is available in a handsome wine bottle to go. Or, if you’d like to have a glass on site, you can buy a bottle in their cooler and they’ll give you a glass to use.

Swedish Hill Grape Juices

Things To Do Nearby

The Cornell Botanical Gardens located at Cornell University offers miles of walking through curated gardens. There’s native plants, herbs, a ground cover collection, and a ton more. If you happen to be visiting in the colder months, they even have a winter garden featuring flora that look their best when their world is cold and frozen. Entrance to the gardens is free!

The Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls tells the stories of those who have blazed trails and made a particularly strong impact on the world. From New York locals like Susan B. Anthony and Lucille Ball to Julia Child, you’ll find hours of exploration while learning about some of the most impressive women in history.

The Museum of the Earth in Ithaca offers an indoor opportunity to explore for the winter months. Their exhibits give an in-depth illustration of how our planet has changed over millions of years.

Fun Facts From Around Cayuga Lake

  • The ‘Ithaca Is Gorges’ catchphrase was coined by Howard Cogan. He graduated from Cornell University in the same class as his son Michael. To date, it is the only simultaneous parent-child graduation from the college.
  • When Frank Capra was working on the script for his film It’s A Wonderful Life, he visited and spent time in Seneca Falls. There are some bold similarities between the town and the fictitious town of Bedford Falls in the movie. Many believe that the village of Seneca Falls was the direct inspiration for the fictional village in the film.
  • Famed screenwriter/narrator/producer Rod Serling who created the Twilight Zone is buried in Lake View Cemetery in Interlaken.

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