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Local Wellness Resources

Find support for many different things related to not drinking in the Rochester and Finger Lakes area with this list of wellness resources

If you’re new to the idea of not drinking alcohol, or looking for support in your efforts to abstain from booze, there’s a lot of help available. Here’s some links to some wellness resources in the Rochester and Finger Lakes area that might help.

Stop Drinking Resources To Help You Stop Drinking

If you or someone you know is excessively drinking and alcohol abuse is creating a barrier to a happy lifestyle, there are a lot of resources to help.

Fitness Groups To Help Your Physical Wellness

Cutting alcohol out of your routine, or even cutting back will offer huge improvements to your physical wellness. If you’re hoping to take it a step further and include some healthy physical activity into your life, these folks can help.

Mental Health Resources To Assist With Mental Wellness

Regardless of whether you’re in recovery from alcoholism or just cutting booze to feel better, you might decide it’d be helpful to find help with your mental wellness. There are a ton of ways to improve your daily mental health. If you’re looking for professional assistance this list is a good place to start.

Podcasts Upstate New York podcasts that focus on sobriety

As you probably already know, there are podcasts on every possible topic you can think of, and the sober movement is no exception. Instead of listing every single podcast about sobriety that exists, these listed here are hosted locally in the Upstate New York area.

NA Events and Bottle Shops Local businesses with pop-up events and retail

If you’re looking to have nonalcoholic drinks at your next event, there are now a couple small businesses that can come right to you. Having a knowledgeable mixologist craft thoughtful NA options at your event is next level stuff, and these folks can provide it.