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NONALCOHOLIC DISCOUNT CODES use these codes to save money on n/a beer, zeroproof spirits, dealcoholized wines and more!

At this point there are way more producers of nonalcoholic products than there are options on the shelves at the local stores. A lot of n/a beer breweries and zeroproof spirits brands do ship direct and allow you to purchase on their website stores.

Occasionally, those brands will offer special deals or discounts and sales. They’ll also work with influencers who promote their products by offering a small discount to purchasers, and in exchange that influencer gets a small kickback.

This page is a compilation of discount codes and deals on nonalcoholic products. Before finishing your order, check back on this page to see if you can’t save a few bucks!

*Note: nonrocaholic makes $0.00 and receives no kickbacks on any of these. All of these codes are from my friends, each of which makes a little money on the purchase when you use their code.

NONALCOHOLIC BEER use these codes to save money on n/a beer

Athletic Brewing Company

20% discount with code: AHASH20

20% discount with code: BRANDONS20

Bravus Brewing

10% discount with code: NABREWSKEY


15% discount with code: NABREWSKEY

Katrina Brewing Company

Free shipping with code: TACOTUESDAY

Free shipping with code: CINCODEMAYO

Self Care

Use this link to get 20% applied at checkout


20% discount with code: UNCOOLBREWSKEY

ZEROPROOF SPIRITS use these codes to save on spirits without alcohol

Free Spirits

Get 15% off when you shop using this link

Three Spirit

15% discount with code: LOVEYOURSKIN

VARIOUS BEVERAGES use these codes to save money at shops that sell beer, wine and spirits


Get $5.00 off your order when you shop with this link


Get 20% off when you purchase using this link

Proof No More

15% off with code: NABREWSKEY2024

Raising The Bar

10% off your first box when you sign up using this link