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About The nonROCaholic

The Finger Lakes Region is now one of the top producers of wine in the entire United States. In recent years, breweries and micro-breweries have joined those ranks. Rounding out the list are cider makers, kombucha producers, meaderies and even more. With all these producers doing so many great things, our craft beverage scene is really impressive!

If you’re looking impressive beer and wine you have hundreds of options between Buffalo and Syracuse.

But, what if you don’t want to drink alcohol?

Maybe you’re a recovering alcoholic, or maybe you’re pregnant. Perhaps you abstain from alcohol for religious reasons or you’re trying to cut calories. Or, maybe you’ve been selected as the designated driver for the wine tour your friends want to do.

No matter the reason you’re choosing to not drink, you should still be able to enjoy an interesting, craft beverage. Don’t settle for a bottle of Pepsi or something lame that you can get anywhere. You’re in the Finger Lakes where culinary creativity is abound. You should be able to enjoy something fun, creative, great tasting, and with a connection to the local culinary scene. Luckily for you, there’s a growing list of places you can find exactly that.

NonROCaholic will help you find the coolest, most interesting and tasty mocktails, nonalcoholic beer, juices, sodas, and more. If you’re in need of a place that serves something cool without the buzz, look no further!

About Chris Clemens

I got sober in 1996 after finding that my relationship with a few different substances had become a problem. I was introduced to some sober people and they welcomed me into their community. In the years following, I started to incorporate many of the tools for living sober that those folks had taught me.

One of the people that inspired me while I was in high school was a health teacher. He always went out of his way to ensure my new path of sobriety was one I felt supported on. After high school, I sought out new ways to ensure that I was continuing to get healthier. Then I got my college degree in Health Sciences from SUNY Brockport. Since then I’ve worked professionally in the field of supporting people of disabilities in a number of different roles at different organizations.

As someone born and raised in Rochester, New York, the Finger Lakes Region holds a special place in my heart. I love it here! The rolling hills, the seemingly endless supply of shoreline and water access, hiking trails, and our food scene. I love our food scene, man.

So, What’s The Point?

I’ve spent countless hours traipsing countless miles through this region. In my earlier sober years, there weren’t many options for someone who didn’t want to drink. I’d go to wineries with friends or breweries and be offered mass-produced soda. Once I was told the only thing they had was tap water.

I’ve tried to celebrate the producers, creators, mixologists, and folks who are going out of their way to provide craft, nonalcoholic options at their establishments.

The idea for NonROCaholic was born in 2023. I hope to use this space to foster a community of people wanting craft nonalcoholic options and the people providing just that.

Stay safe, friends!

Chris Clemens