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Find nonalcoholic options listed by cities and towns in the Finger Lakes Region and Western New York

Maybe you’ve gotten an AirBnB for the weekend in Penn Yan, or you’re visiting Rochester for a day. Perhaps you live right in Ithaca and don’t even know there’s great options in your own town!

Finding all the nonalcoholic options in a place you’re visiting can be daunting. Many times places don’t list things on their menu so you can’t even check before you go. Instead, use this page to select a location and see a list of what’s available there.

You can find mocktails in Rochester, near beers in Canandaigua, fresh juices near Watkins Glen, and a whole lot more!

Canandaigua Ontario County

At the north end of Canandaigua Lake sits a small city of the same name with one of the coolest Main Streets in the Finger Lakes. From shops and restaurants to public gardens and intriguing history, Canandaigua has plenty to offer visitors. They also have plenty of great N/A options on tap.

Canandaigua New York in Autumn

Naples Ontario County

You’ll find the village of Naples in Ontario County at the south end of Canandaigua Lake. Known for its grape-themed everything, there’s plenty of reason to visit. While you’re there, look for these stops to find great nonalcoholic options.

Naples, New York Looking Over Canandaigua Lake