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Find great nonalcoholic options around Keuka Lake

Sometimes called the “Crooked Lake”, Keuka Lake is surrounded by gorgeous rolling landscapes, beautiful small towns, and plenty of great wineries and breweries.

Hammondsport is the village at the south end of the lake. The picturesque little village looks like a storybook New England village and it’s walking distance to the lake. Penn Yan at the northeast is a considerably larger village with more amenities and even a small hospital. Much of the land around and in between Keuka Lake is a combination of agricultural land, private homes, parkland, and countless acres of grape vines.

If you’re planning to visit the Keuka Lake Wine Trail but are looking for nonalcoholic options you’re in luck! From craft sodas to coffee roasters and fresh pressed juices, there’s a decent list to keep you driving.

Keuka Lake Nonalcoholic Trail

Abandon Brewing Co.

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In 2010 the husband and wife team behind this brewery purchased 25 acres in Penn Yan. The land had gone unused for quite a while and is described on their website as having been “abandoned”. With a loving commitment to creating new life in the space, they rehabbed the barn, built outdoor seating, installed a brewery operation and a full-service kitchen. Plus, much of the property is used to grow hops and grapes.

They have a long list of beers on tap that have become a favorite for people visiting. Abandon Brewing is also producing their own root beer in-house and is always on tap. You can grab a glass to enjoy onsite or fill growlers to go.

Root Beer at Abandon Brewing Company in Penn Yan

Bully Hill Vineyard

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Bully Hill Vineyard in Hammondsport has deep roots in the Finger Lakes wine industry. Their parking lot has one of the best views of Keuka Lake, and maybe that’s why the first wine company in New York set up shop there. After Taylor Wine Company moved, an exec from the company set up shop onsite and Bully Hill’s history was made.

Today they have a restaurant on site, a tasting room, and even a museum. They make a Concord grape juice available in a wine bottle with a very fun label!

Bully Hill Grape Juice in Hammondsport

Buzzard Crest Vineyards (Barrington Cellars)

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On the east side of Keuka Lake just south of Penn Yan, high up on steep hill you’ll find the tasting room for Barrington Cellars Winery. The tasting room is flanked by the beautiful hillside Buzzard Crest Vineyards owned and operated by the same people who have the winery. Barrington’s lineup features blends with bird-related names like Raptor’s Red and Buzzard’s Peach and varietals like Cayuga and Concord. In addition though, Buzzard Crest presses a few varietals into grape juice.

What makes their grape juice offering particularly unique though is they use no pasteurization and add no preservatives. Because grape juice will begin to ferment within a week or two, Buzzard Crest freezes all their freshly pressed juices. You can purchase what they have available in frozen plastic jugs in a few different sizes. A lot of the time, they have some thawed on site for a tasting.

Typically, they have a red juice which is usually Concord, and usually have a white juice made with Niagara and/or Diamond (depending on the time of year.)

Grape Juice at Barrington Cellars Winery

Heron Hill Winery

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Since it was first founded in 1972 Heron Hill Winery in Hammondsport has become a favorite destination on Keuka Lake. Travel & Leisure magazine has deemed their tasting room as one of the top ten in the world. Their wine has won awards and their food menu has been created to pair perfectly with their offerings.

For those wishing to avoid alcohol, Heron Hill produces two really great offerings. They have a Concord grape juice that they add just a hint of apple cider to. While there are plenty of Concord grape juices in the Finger Lakes, the apple cider in this one helps set it apart.

In 2016 they added some of their grape juice to a black tea and created their Dancing Bear. The juice sweetens the tea and the tea dials back the sugars of the juice. It’s a very fun balance!

Both are available by glass on the site or purchase in bottles.

Heron Hill Winery Dancing Bear Grape Juice

Things To Do Nearby

The Windmill is one of the largest open-air markets in the country, and one of the oldest! Open on Saturdays in the warmer months, you’ll find everything from local cheeses and wine to crafts and tools and everything in between.

When Glenn Curtiss set the world record for a motorcycle run in 1907 at 136 miles per hour, his story was only just beginning. Often credited for the reason that the Wright Brothers were able to make their historic flight, Curtiss and his inventions made a lasting impact on the world. The Glenn Curtiss Aviation Museum in Hammondsport tells his story and the story of the Finger Lakes’s impact on aviation.

The Keuka Lake Outlet Trail follows the creek system that once connected Keuka to Seneca Lake. The 7-mile trail follows an old railroad bed, so it’s fairly easy without much change in elevation. People use the trail for walking, biking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and even horseback riding!

Fun Facts From Around Keuka Lake

  • Alexander Graham Bell spent time near Keuka Lake. He founded a research firm to develop some of the first aviation technology with the help of Glenn Curtiss who lived and worked in Hammondsport.
  •  The Pleasant Valley Wine Company in Hammondsport was founded in 1860, making it the oldest winery in the Finger Lakes.
  •  On September 27, 1987 Burkett Mills in Penn Yan set the world’s record for the largest buckwheat pancake. The 28-foot in diameter pancake griddle is on display at their headquarters in the village.

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