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Nonalcoholic drinks are cool, too.

Find NON-Alcoholic Drinks

The Finger Lakes Region is one of the premiere craft beverages destinations in the whole country. When you count up the breweries, wineries, mead makers, and distilleries, there are hundreds of producers here. Then connect to the Niagara Wine Trail, Buffalo’s food scene, and everything in-between, Western New York and the Finger Lakes are a great place to explore craft drinks.

In recent years, craft nonalcoholic beverages have finally earned a spot on menus at these places. Now if you’re not drinking alcohol for whatever reason, you can also enjoy a craft beverage.

Let nonrocaholic serve as your guide to finding NA beer, fresh juices, zeroproof cocktails and mocktails, soda, and everything else!

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Find A New Place To Not Drink

There are more places in the Finger Lakes and Western New York regions to grab a good craft nonalcoholic beverage than ever before. Checkout the newest places that have been discovered!


The Finger Lakes Region and Western New York have all kinds of different foodie trails to tour. You can hit the wine trails, chocolate trails, a cheese trail, and even a chicken wing trail. Now you’ve got nonalcoholic trails to help with your discovery of the region. Use these guides to meander your way through locally produced root beers, kombuchas, NA beers, high-end grape juices, and more!

Canandaigua Nonalcoholic Trail

Discover craft NA beverages around Canandaigua Lake

Keuka Lake Nonalcoholic Trail

Find craft NA options all around Keuka Lake

Seneca Lake Nonalcoholic Trail

Discover the craft NA beverages around Seneca Lake

Cayuga Lake Nonalcoholic Trail

Discover the craft NA beverages around Cayuga Lake


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