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This buying guide will help you navigate the zeroproof sprits on the market, including nonalcoholic rum, tequila, whiskey, and more

In the beginning of the zeroproof spirits movement, buying was easy as long as you knew where to find them. In recent years though the industry has grown exponentially, and there’s a lot of new products coming to market. Even if you know where to buy a brand of nonalcoholic whiskey, you might not realize how many other brands even exist!

This list should get you started on finding the different hard liquor alternatives on the market. Many of these companies have created multiple products, so even if zeroproof absinthe isn’t your thing, something else they have might be!


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When this brand launched in April 2019 they set out to raise the bar with zeroproof spirits and alternatives, and they’ve been very successful at it. Their growing line includes an Absinthe, an Italian Spritz, Orange Sec, and a whole bunch more.

The Pathfinder

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Three guys out of Seattle launched this small zeroproof spirits brand in 2021 but they sought a different path right from the start. They infuse their amaro like Hemp and Root mixer with botanicals with–you guessed it: hemp. If their product wasn’t enough to set them apart from others in the industry, their branding and artwork did the trick.


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This small zeroproof spirits company launched in September 2019 and quickly gained traction in the NA beverage industry. Their entire line is dedicated to zeroproof taste-alikes and alternatives to gin, tequila, aperitifs, and more.


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The folks at Spiritless have thrown themselves headfirst into making whiskey and bourbon alternatives that give you everything you want from a drink except the hangover. With much of their branding paying homage to their home state of Kentucky, they are now based out of Austin, Texas. Since their founding in 2019 they’ve expanded their line to zeroproof bottles and even ready-to-drink mocktails in a can.

Trejo’s Spirits Tequila Alternative


Famed actor Danny Trejo is known for his badass roles, but he’s also known for being sober. He kicked off a life of sobriety in 1968 and went on to start in movies, start a taco restaurant, a donut shop, and now a zeroproof alternative to tequila.