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Local, domestic, international. Find a new NA beer to try.

It wasn’t that long ago when the only nonalcoholic beer you could find was an O’Doul’s. In recent years, the list of available NA beers has practically skyrocketed, and a lot of them are really tasty. This nonalcoholic beer list is intended to be a guide to helping you find brands of near beer/na beer.

Note that a lot of small, local craft breweries around the United States make their own NA brew. Believe it or not, there are now a ton of nonalcoholic beer options available. For the most part, this list will attempt to capture the most readily available options. But if you want your brewery’s NA beer on this list, just send a note over.

Get ready to scroll. There’s a lot to read on this nonalcoholic beer list!!

NONALCOHOLIC BEER BRANDS This first list includes brands that exclusively brew nonalcoholic beer. They might have other products like hop waters, but they aren't creating any products with alcohol.

Athletic Brewing

Milford, Connecticut, United States

These guys are often given credit for taking nonalcoholic beer to the next level. They are believed to have the largest dedicated brewery to nonalcoholic beer, and that allows them to produce a huge lineup of products. You’ll be able to find them in bars and restaurants all over, but they are also starting to pop up on shelves in supermarkets and beer stores locally.

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Big Drop Brewing Company

Chicago, Illinois, United States

This NA brewery launched in October 2016. A lawyer and entrepreneur friend-duo set to work on creating a nonalcoholic beer brand that didn’t compromise on flavor. With only four beers on their shelves, they’ve racked up a long list of brewer awards from around the world.

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Bravus Brewing Co.

This California nonalcoholic brewing company has an expansive selection IPAs, Porters, Goses and even NA wines and sparkling hop water. They lay claim to having started the country’s first nonalcoholic craft brewery back in 2015. Since their founding they’ve been climbing to the top of the long list of favorite brands in the NA scene.

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Ceria Brewing Company

This Colorado company is a small, family run operation producing a few nonalcoholic beers. They’ve only been on the scene for a few years, but even as a small operation they’re developing a dedicated following. Their brewmaster has a Ph.D so you know he knows what he’s doing!

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These guys have a shorter list of options, but each one is highly celebrated. They first started working on their patented method of brewing nonalcoholic beer in 1972. It wasn’t perfected until years later when they sprung onto the market in 1979. As one of the oldest nonalcoholic beer brands, they’ve built a solid reputation around the world as being one of the tastiest.

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New York, United States

This small NA beer brand launched in summer of 2023 with just two beers. The brand was founded by a couple beverage-industry execs who wanted to break into the NA beer scene. Their website has almost no info about the company, so hopefully there will be more to come and learn.

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The folks at Community Beer Company in Texas ran with an idea to do a spin-off brand of nonalcoholics and thus was born NADA. They’ve pulled some awards for their work received a nod of approval from the Food Network. They’re brewing up an IPA, Hazy IPA, a Bock, and a Pils.

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As the first commercial brand dedicated to brewing an NA option, O’Douls hit the scene way back in 1990. They haven’t changed too much in the decades since, but they do have a couple options in their line now.

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RationAle Brewing

United States

This is a relatively new brewery that has come to market in 2023 with three beers. They’ve got a Hazy IPA, a West Coast IPA and a Mexican Cerveza. They’re currently available in stores in a few states around the U.S., but are shipping from their online store.

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Surreal Brewing Company

United States

This husband and wife team brewing company launched in 2018 with their Chandelier Red IPA. Since then they’ve picked up some awards while adding new beers to their lineup with Porters and IPAs.

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Virginia, United States

The folks at Uncool want us nondrinkers to know that we’re cool, too. They’re new to the scene, but making a splash with some pretty unique flavors like a strawberry mint lemonade sour.

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This nonalcoholic brewery was founded by a guy who decided to stop drinking. In 2017 he and his wife kicked off a new brand of NAs and have since grown a decent list of offerings.

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BEER BRANDS WITH NA OPTIONS These companies all produce traditional beers with alcohol, but additionally they have a nonalcoholic option in their production line.

Beck’s Brewery (Brauerei Beck & Co)

Bremen, Germany (also in Missouri, United States)

This German brewery has been making beer since its founding 1873. In the early 1990’s they created a Euro Pale Lager, making them one of the early adopters of the NA beer scene.

website | facebook | instagram

Brew Dog


This brand is based in Scotland but since their founding in 2007 they have quickly spread all over the globe. They have pubs everywhere from Cleveland to Las Vegas, and they seem to be expanding quick. For a brief moment they held the world record for strongest beer, but they also brew some nonalcoholics, too.

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Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn, New York, United States

This New York City brewery has been at it since the 1880’s, so their story is a long one. They’re now all over the United States and numerous other countries winning awards for their beers. In fact, their brewer is the first beer brewer to win the esteemed James Beard Award. Luckily for us NA fans, they’ve got three different nonalcoholic beers in their lineup.

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St. Louis, Missouri, United States

One of the largest beer brands in the United States was also one of the earlier entries into the nonalcoholic brew scene. Busch released their NA beer in 1994 with 0.4% ABV and only 60 calories.

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Colorado, United States

By getting out a little bit in front of the other big brands, Coors released their Edge NA beer in 2019. While coming in under 0.5% ABV, Coors fans now have an option for a nonalcoholic brew with the same flavor as their flagship products.

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It took a little while for this big beer brand to make it happen, but finally in 2023 Corona released a nonalcoholic version of its signature beer. With less than 0.5% ABV and a meager 60 calories, it’s still suggested you down this one with a lime.

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Eastern Market Brewing Co.

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Since opening in 2017 this brewery has been expanding at a pretty decent pace. Their offerings include IPAs and Sours, and they have at least two nonalcoholic sours in tangerine and lime.

website | facebook | instagram

Genesee Brewing Company

Rochester, New York, United States

As one of the oldest operating breweries in the country, Genesee Brewery also lays claim to one of the best views in Rochester, New York. Maybe it’s just because the nonROCaholic website is also based in Rochester, but even objectively speaking, Genny deserves a place on any brewery list as iconic. They’ve got a long historic lineup of brews, but also have one nonalcoholic brew that they started producing way back in 1991.

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As arguably one of the best-known beer producers around the globe, the folks at Guinness finally jumped into the NA scene in 2021. Their Guinness 0.0 is an entirely alcohol-free version of their famous stout.

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As one of the most recognizable names in beers worldwide, it’s cool of them to offer a nonalcoholic version of their product. They released their Heineken 0.0 in 2017. Even though it doesn’t seem all that long ago, it’s actually still one of the pioneers of mass-marketed nonalcoholic beers.

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Mornington Peninsula


Having launched in 2010, the Mornington Peninsula brand falls under the umbrella company of Tribe in Australia. Ten years later they added a nonalcoholic pale ale to their line.

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This one is a Japanese company that’s probably got one of the biggest holdings in the world for alcohol. They own Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark, and then some sodas, waters, and teas. Their Suntory beer line also has a “beer flavored beverage”. In 2010 they released the world’s first zero-carb, zero-calorie, and 0.0% ABV All Free into their lineup.

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St. Pauli

Bremen, Germany

Sometimes referred to as “St. Pauli Girl” this German brewery has been on the market since its founding in 1857. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that St. Pauli began appearing in the United States. Thirty years later, they released their nonalcoholic Euro Pale Lager to the United States in 1991.

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