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Find ready to drink mocktails to save you from having to mix your own

You can mix and stir and shake at home by making nonalcoholic drinks, but there’s a whole bunch of items on the market that are ready to roll. A lot of companies are now producing ready-to-drink, cocktail-inspired flavors right in a can or a bottle.

If you’re looking for a mocktail to take to the beach or a picnic, or any other spot where you don’t want to play mixologist, checkout this list of ready to sip mocktails.

De Soi

If you’re into aperitifs, but not alcohol then Katy Perry and Morgan McLachlan have got your back. They launched De Soi specifically to make nonalcoholic aperitifs. They’re selling in full size bottles fit for a party, or small single-serve cans perfect for a picnic.

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This company makes aperitifs without alcohol both in attractive bottles for your collection or ready-to-drink cans to take on the road. Since launching in June 2020 the small woman-owned company has taken on the nonalcoholic industry with force, and garnered a lot of attention.

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This ready-to-drink mocktail company was launched in 2017 by Laura Taylor. She was later joined by famous socialite Bethenny Frankel. Together they’ve expanded the initial product list into impressive collection of drinks. They’ve created mimosas, cosmos, mojitos, and a whole bunch more.

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This woman-owned company has made a strong impact in the nonalcoholic industry for having launched as late as 2022. They’ve got a line of ready-to-drink seltzers and spirits in a can that are intended to taste and smell like booze, but are entirely NA.

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This company launched in March 2021 out of New Orleans. Their whole mission is to offer ready-to-drink beverages with a unique list of ingredients. Rather than offering a traditional drink like a mojito or something, they’ve got unique concoctions they’ve created in-house.

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Raising The Bar

While these guys aren’t making their own ready-to-drink mocktails, they’re giving you everything you need to make your own. They deliver curated boxes each month (either one-off purchases or by subscription) of mocktail garnishes, ingredients, and recipe cards.

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